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New Address!
[ 8/22/2016 ]

New Address for both the main office and apprenticeship office!

2017 James K. Moore Scholarship
[ 6/28/2016 ]

Eligibility requirements for the annual James Kenny Moore Scholarship Award. Children of Local 821 members who are in their sophomore year of college are encouraged to apply!

2017 James K. Moore Scholarship Application
[ 6/28/2016 ]

Application for the scholarship award.

Congratulations to our recent electees
[ 3/14/2016 ]

At the March meeting the results for our Executive Board and Convention Delegates were calculated.

Sprinkler Fitters Local 821 James (kenny) Moore Scholarship Fund
[ 2/9/2016 ]

2017 Scholarship Application and Eligibility Requirements are posted!

Donations accepted all year!
[ 2/9/2016 ]

Help our unemployed brothers have a happy holiday this year! Local 821 is now accepting donations to the holiday fund all year. If you are ever in a position to make a donation, we are always appreciative of every cent!

[ 10/7/2015 ]

In memory of our loyal members who will forever be remembered. Rest easy Brothers.

Go Green! Go Paperless!
[ 6/22/2015 ]

Start getting your meeting notices and other correspondence through e-mail! Fill out the attached form and send it to our office. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and all of your notices will be emailed to you.

Follow us on Facebook!!
[ 5/22/2015 ]

Local 821 is on facebook! Look us up and like our page for updates, meeting info, and dues reminders!

Automatic Dues Payments!
[ 6/24/2013 ]

Automatically pay dues with no checks, calls, or letters!

[ 8/18/2011 ]

According to Mr.David Hagen from The Office of Unemployment Services:

Life Members (50 years and up)
[ 4/27/2009 ]

We would like to pay special tribute to our Life Members. When you have been a member for more than 50 years, loyalty is an understatement. We want to thank you gentlemen for your dedication to your union.


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