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    Welcome To UA 821
    Local 821 represents more than 600 members throughout
    the state of Florida. The work of a Sprinkler Fitter and
    Apprentice consists all phases of the installation of fire protection
    and fire control systems.
    Cape Kennedy, FL
  • Jacksonville
    Apprenticeship Training
    Under the guidance of a Labor/Management agreement,
    it is the second oldest registered training program
    in the state of Florida.
    Jacksonville, FL
  • Miami
    Miami, FL
  • Orlando
    Orlando, FL
  • Tampa
    Tampa, FL
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No project is too big or too small! Call the Us today at (561) 422-9821!

As you are aware, COVID-19 is causing several precautionary measures to be taken across the state along with the entire country.  If your jobsite has been impacted by COVID-19 in any way, please contact Ed Skarosi or Mike Shaw as soon as possible.  We hope that you and your family are staying safe during this uncertain time and we encourage you to contact us if you need anything.  

If you have been laid off or your jobsite has shut down due to COVID-19 please contact us via the following:

Ed Skarosi - Business Manager: 561-422-9821 ext.2 or es821@cfl.rr.com

Mike Shaw - Business Agent: 561-422-9821 ext. 3 or shaw821org@gmail.com


Training Center

No other organization serves the training needs of the Sprinkler Fitting industry like the United Association. Learn what it takes to be the best.



The Apprenticeship Training Program of Sprinkler Fitters Local 821 is a five year program in the field of Fire Sprinkler Systems installation.


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Sprinkler Fitters & Apprentices Since 1951



UA Local 821

Services Overview

The Contractor Members of Sprinkler Fitters Local 821 work on many commercial/residential facilities in and around the Florida Region.

Fully-trained sprinkler fitter contractors and their journeymen are on call NOW! Call us for a quote!

  • Water Mains
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Hose Houses
  • Alarm Systems
  • 24 hour Emergency Services
  • ...plus much more!